NOTE:  Although The Beach Boys' reputation was built as a singles act, it was through listening to their albums that I really grew to love them.  The depth of their albums, starting with Surfer Girl on, began to be filled with not only the familiar hit singles, but increasingly challenging album cuts and production touches that made them the envy of their contemporaries.  Also, most casual fans aren't familar with The Beach Boys' album output after their Capitol era, when they gained new measures of independence, and began to experiment with their sound in ways that stretched them in fascinating ways, and have to be heard.  Click on the albums titles to jump to that title.

Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions Omnivore
Lost and Found: 1961-1962 DCC 1961-62
Surfin' Varese Sarabande 1961-62
Surfin' Safari Capitol 1962
Surfin USA Capitol
Surfer Girl Capitol 1963
Little Deuce Coupe Capitol 1963
Shut Down Vol. 2 Capitol 1964
All Summer Long Capitol 1964
The Beach Boys' Christmas Album Capitol 1964
Beach Boys Concert Capitol 1964
The Beach Boys Today! Capitol 1965
Summer Days (and Summer Nights!) Capitol 1965
Beach Boys' Party! Capitol 1965
Pet Sounds Capitol 1966
Best of the Beach Boys Capitol 1966
Smiley Smile Capitol 1967
Wild Honey Capitol 1967
Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 2 Capitol 1967
Friends Capitol 1968
Stack-o-Tracks Capitol 1968
Best Of The Beach Boys Vol. 3 Capitol 1968
20/20 Capitol 1969
Sunflower Brother/Reprise 1970
Good Vibrations Capitol 1970
Greatest Hits (UK) Capitol 1970
Surf's Up Brother/Reprise 1971
Carl and the Passions: So Tough Brother/Reprise 1972
Holland Brother Reprise 1973
The Beach Boys In Concert Brother/Reprise 1973
Endless Summer Capitol 1974
Spirit Of America Capitol 1975
15 Big Ones Brother/Reprise 1976
Beach Boys '69 (Live In London) Capitol 1976
The Beach Boys Love You Brother/Reprise 1977
M.I.U. Album Reprise 1978
L.A. (Light Album) Caribou 1979
Sunshine Dream Capitol 1980
Keepin' The Summer Alive Caribou 1980
Ten Years Of Harmony Epic 1981
Rarities Capitol 1983
The Beach Boys Caribou 1985
The Beach Boys: 1962-1967 Time-Life 1986
Made In The U.S.A. Capitol 1986
Still Cruisin' Capitol 1989
The Absolute Best Vol. 1 Capitol 1991
The Absolute Best Vol. 2 Capitol 1991
Summer In Paradise Brother Entertainment 1992
Good Vibrations: 30 Years of the Beach Boys Capitol 1993
The Instrumental Hits Toshiba EMI 1994
Greatest Surfing Songs CEMA 1995
Little Deuce Coupe - Greatest Car Songs EMI Special Markets 1996
The Best Of The Beach Boys [TEN BEST SERIES] EMI Special Markets 1997
Perfect Harmony Capitol 1997
The Pet Sounds Sessions EMI/Capitol 1997
Endless Harmony EMD/Capitol 1998
Ultimate Christmas Capitol 1998
Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Capitol 1999
Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Capitol 1999
Greatest Hits Vol. 3: Best of the Brother Years 1970-1986 Capitol 2000
Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace of a Musical Legacy Capitol 2001
Live at Knebworth 1980 Eagle 2002
The Beach Boys Classics: Selected By Brian Wilson EMI/Capitol 2002
The Very Best Of The Beach Boys Capitol 2003
The Very Best Of The Beach Boys: Sounds Of Summer Capitol 2003
Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys Toshiba EMI Japan 2004
Songs From Here and Back Hallmark 2006
Songs Covered By The Beach Boys Sterling/EMI 2006
Good Vibrations 40th Anniversary Capitol/EMI 2006
Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary Capitol 2006
The Beach Boys Greatest Hits: Live At Knebworth Laserlight 2006
The Warmth Of The Sun Capitol 2007
The Platinum Collection EMI Australia 2007
Summer Love Songs Capitol 2009
Christmas Harmonies Capitol 2009
10 Great Songs Capitol 2010
The Smile Sessions Capitol 2011
50th Anniversary Retrospetive 'ZinePak Capitol 2012
That's Why God Made The Radio Capitol 2012
Greatest Hits: 50 Big Ones Capitol  2012
Live: 50th Anniverary Tour
Made In California
Beach Boys Party! Uncovered and Unplugged
Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary
1967 Sunshine Tomorrow
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology
1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions
1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow Live

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