NOTE:  The Beach Boys began their film career as most stars of the sixties did - with obligatory appearances in surf and kiddie films and one surprising art-film acting foray by band sex-symbol Dennis Wilson.  There's also a couple of obligatory tele-films, some nice documentaries, a few live concerts, the reverential homages and all-star tributes, and, of course, the pirated rip-offs which attempt to simply cash-in on The Beach Boys name.  For some reason, the start of the new century heralded a flood of new films and dvds about the band, which is a good thing.  Of especial note and quality are Brian Wilson's recent DVD releases, which are lushly-produced, in-depth looks at his late-period works and legacy.

The Girls On The Beach Paramount Pictures 1965
The Monkey's Uncle Walt Disney Pictures 1965
Two-Lane Blacktop / Criterion Collection Michael Laughlin Productions/Universal Pictures 1971
Summer Dreams Leonard Hill Films 1990
Nashville Sounds: The Making Of Stars & Stripes Delilah Films/The Disney Channel 1996
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times Artisan Entertainment 1996
The Lost Concert Brother Records/SabuCat Productions 1999
Brian Wilson: Imagination Image Entertainment 1999
Biography - Brian Wilson: A Beach Boys Story Peter Jones Production, Ltd 1999
Endless Harmony: The Beach Boys Story VH1 Television/Delilah Films 2000
The Beach Boys: An American Family Columbia Tristar 2000
An All-Star Tribute To Brian Wilson Turner Network Television 2001
The Beach Boys Special Edition EP Classic Pictures Entertainment 2003
Good Timin' - Live At Knebworth 1980 Brother Records Inc./Eagle Rock Entertianment 2003
Surfin' USA: Featuring The Hits of the Beach Boys Passport Video 2003
Brian Wilson On Tour Sanctuary Group, Inc. 2003
Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live In London Sanctuary Records 2003
Good Vibrations Tour Eagle Vision USA/Brother Records 2004
The Beach Boys: Back to the Beach Unicorn Performance Series 2005
Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE Rhino Home Video 2005
VideoBiography: The Beach Boys Classic Rock Legends 2007
MUSICARES: A Tribute To Brian Wilson Eagle Vision USA 2007
Dennis Wilson Forever Sony/BMG International 2008
The Beach Boys and The Satan ABC Entertainment 2008
1974 - On The Road With The Beach Boys MFM Productions, Inc. 2009
Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun Capitol Records 2009
The T.A.M.I. Show Shout! Factory 2010
Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969 Sexy Intellectual 2010
Carl Wilson: Here and Now MFM Productions, Inc. 2011
Doin' It Again XENON 2012
Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1969-1982 Sexy Intellectual 2012
The Beach Boys: 50 - Live In Concert
SMC Recordings
The Beach Boys Back Again: Live In Japan 2012
Love & Mercy
Brian Wilson: The Second Wave - After The Surf
The Collector's Forum
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road
Screen Media

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