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  • Pipeline.com: Great surf-hot rod music site with reviews, rare stuff, and more!
  • Gary Usher: the man who wrote several lyrics with Brian, and was responsible for much of the music in the California scene.
  • Steven Kalinich: Poet and lyricist for several Beach Boys projects. 
  • Jan & Dean Official Fan Site: lots of stuff here for fans of Jan & Dean, including sound clips, reviews, message board, and much more. 
  • Hal Blaine: The official home site for this widely regarded drummer, who worked on numerous Beach Boys recordings.
  • Carol Kaye:  The home page of the talented and eternally gracious bass player, who worked on many of Brian's classic recordings.
  • Paul Williams:  Editor of Crawdaddy and author of several articles on Brian and the Beach Boys.
  • New Surf, Ltd. : Home site for Jeffrey Foskett and Jeff Larson, who both have ties to (or affection for) the Beach Boys.
  • Beach Boys Smile UK: Great vocal tribute band.
  • Papa Doo Run Run Tribute band that has recorded several covers of Beach Boys songs.
  • Hawthorne, California Site: Here's a new one I stumbled across... a page devoted to the former Wilson brothers stomping ground.
  • Surf's Up Collectibles:  A page devoted to the sale of rare Beach Boys items.  Also includes a nice page by Brad Elliott of his liner notes for the 1983 "Rarities" album.
  • EBAY: An on-line auction where you'll often find rare and interesting Beach Boys items for sale.
  • The Flames:  A rare link to information on Rickie Fataar and Blondie Chaplin, who were official members of the Beach Boys during "Carl and the Passions," "Holland," and "In Concert (1973)."

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